Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dim Sum at Max Gourmet (Bayan Lepas)

After a great swimming session yesterday morning, I decided to head out to Max Gourmet for breadfast with my wife. As I was in desperate need to replenish lost calories, I floored the pedal of my old trusty four wheeler and sped there.
For those of you who are unfamilar with Max Gourmet, its located at one of the shop lots in front of Queens Bay Mall. Unlike most eateries, it comes with ample parking space but nonetheless, its good to be there early since the parking lot gets easily filled up with shoppers going to QBM. Be warn. Its RM 3 per entry.

The food here is base on Hong Kong cuisine. While dim sum is one of their main specialty, it also serves an assorted menu ranging from different types of noodles to rice of one's choice. We decided to order a mixture of dim sums as well as my usual fried rice. The fried rice is a must for those who wants to stretch the Ringgit since it comes in a generous portion loaded with char siu and prawns.
Here's what I had for brunch:

An assorted range of dim sum consisting of char siu sou, egg tart, sesame seed ball with lotus paste and butter bread. Hmmm...looks like I'm missing a couple of char siu sou even before I took this picture. Someone beat me to it!

The char siu so are really nice because the pastry melts in your mouth and you can also taste the sweetness of the char siu. The egg tarts are equally delicious. Its soft, delicate and not too sweet. No complains with the sesame seed ball. I didnt get the chance to savour the butter bread. It conveniently "dissappeared" while I was busy taking pictures. I will have to leave this to my imagination for the time being.

More dim sum in the form of dumplings. Yum yum. I have to comment that they really use prawns for the dumplings. I mean BIG, SOLID prawns that I can really bite into. I have been to most dim sum places and some times, you cant even taste the prawns since they mince it so finely.

A close up view of siu mai and an equally out of focus shot.

Fried wantans anyone? The fried wantans are different here. They have got a contrasting texture. While its really crispy outside, you could taste the softness, flavours and juices trapped inside the dumpling. Wow!

For the coup de grace, I had the fried rice. Its a well balance dish with lots of char siu, prawns and vegetables.

I had the teh peng or as what was written in the menu; milk tea.

Need I specify further?

All in all, the food here is good and the service is fast. I have never been dissapointed coming here. On week days, do come early for lunch since the crowd starts building up by 11am. Just so you know, they close on Mondays.

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