Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Mun Shang Lo Chinese Restaurant (Bayan Lepas)

It has been a while since we last visited Mun Shang Lo restaurant at Bukit Jambul shopping mall. We were told that they had a new management team running the restaurant ergo we decided to give it a shot. It is located on the 5th floor of the shopping complex and just a few metres away from the Cathay ciniplex.

The ambience of the restaurant was nice and comfortable. However, we felt awkward since we were the only patrons in the restaurant. They must be thanking us since we occupied 2 tables. The overall service was prompt and delightful. All our needs were certainly taken care off that night!

We ordered a couple of dishes; pork ribs in special sauce, belacan fried chicken, minced chicken with bean curd, vegetable combo, sweet and sour pork and mango and sago dessert.

The food was simply awesome. Sheer cookery artistry! The pork ribs in special sauce was wonderful to eat. The pork ribs was tender and done to perfection. The sauce itself was unique. It must have been a combination of several sauces and we couldnt pinpoint what sauces were used. It also comes with fried man tou and the combination with the special sauce adds sheer utter delight to one's eating experience.

As for the sweet and sour pork, it's probably the best I have eaten. The pork with flour batter was fried earlier before being quickly mixed with the sweet and sour sauce. As such, you can really taste the crunchiness of the fried pork. The sauce was also done to perfection. This dish will certainly challenge your palette since its embroils contrasting texture, flavour and taste. A must have if you do come and dine in this restaurant.

The minced pork and bean curd or tofu is another surprise. The sauce which also consisted of sliced mushroom, minced pork, salted fish and peas was the main reason why this dish tasted great.

I thought the belacan fried chicken was just above average. However, the rest of my relatives thought otherwise. They enjoyed it and find the belacan flavour not too overpowering.

Another dish that you must try is the vegetable combo. I think the vegetable used was kai lan but I'm not sure. This dish is somewhat interesting and creative. It comes in two styles; one fried and one steam. The fried style is quite similar to what you would get in a Thai restaurant where as the latter is more of a typical chinese style with soy sauce. Again, a great dish with full of flavour and constrating texture.

Finally, we had the chilled mango sago dessert. This one would probably go into my top five best dessert list. The slurry mixture of blended ice, mango and sago was cooling yet refreshing. It had the right amount of sweetness to hit the right spot. I must had 3-4 servings! So did everyone else.

All in all, Mah Sing Lo provides a well balance dining experience for patrons who seek great chinese cuisine. The service is fast, the food excellent and the price is very reasonable. We paid about RM 110 for 6 dishes (including dessert) per table. For that price, what's there to complain?

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