Friday, May 30, 2008

Anyone Care For Some Sausage Rolls ? (Recipe)

I decided to do something different this evening. Besides the usual routine of clocking hours in front of Astro and seriously trying to finish a book I meant to finish ages ago (still stuck on the same chapter), I decided to bake. Yes. Bake!

I have watched all the culinary maestros in action (Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay, Jac Pepin etc) in Astro and its time to put all the theories into practice. It's really easy to get carried away in cooking (you just have to watch Jamie in action; his very lay back and casual style of cooking doesnt help either although I must say its entertaining) and I decided to embark on a less ambitous project.

After browsing through all the culinary books that my wife bought, I settled for what I thought would be a straight forward recipe to begin with. Sausage rolls. There is a complete instruction from the book so what can possibly go wrong. I ransacked the fridge just to make sure I have got the basic ingredients in place...i mean what would sausage roll be without sausage. I ended up with a pack of sausages from Farm's Best which my wife bought earlier from Tesco. As for pastry, I decided to cheat. My wife used the brand from Kawan (beats me why the brand is called Kawan, its got nothing to do with food. I bet its a marketing flaw) in which she made chicken pie last Sunday and it was GOOD. I played safe.

The pastry from Kawan is really easy to use. Just roll and flatten the pastry till its really thin, wrap and style it the way you want. It is better when it is really thin since the pastry will expand and form a crispy layer on the outside and soft yet crunchy inside. I added in cheese and some butter to provide some character and 'kick' to the sausage rolls.

I preheat the oven at 180 degrees C and left it to bake for 20 minutes. And here are the fruits of my labour. Notice that I made a couple of variants; long and short.

It taste great as well as it looks. Soft, chewy, buttery and crunchy. All in one. Not bad for a first try. Boy..I am getting addicted to this.

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