Thursday, June 12, 2008

Roasted Duck Rice at Veron Cafe (Greenlane)

If you are ever in Greenlane and feel like having duck rice, I would suggest that you try Veron Cafe. It's located at Island Glades along the row of shop houses. It's close to the Delima cafe so you cannot miss it.

The coffee shop itself is small and only has two stalls. In the mornings, they are occupied by the lam mee and duck koay teow operators. The coffee shop owner also sells the usual toast bread / roti bakar with butter and kaya, semi boiled eggs and so on. Just directly outside this coffee shop, you can find makeshift stalls selling economy noodles, wantan mee and nasi lemak. After 10 am onwards, one of the stall is taken over by the roasted duck rice operator.

This is what I had for lunch today. A mix portion of roasted duck and pork. And to outdo everyone, I also had the kiam chye boay. This combination is to die for.

The roasted duck and pork are prepared very well. While the skin is crispy , the meat is actually tender and juicy. You dont even get the strong duck or pork ordour that you would typically expect. Additionally, the homemade chilli sauce that comes with it goes nicely with both meat.

As for the kiam chye boay, the combination of sourness and sweetness will certainly titillate your taste buds. All flavours came in together nicely like a well orchestrated symphony with no one flavour overpowering the other.

While it may be quite unfair to place this on the same scale as the roasted duck rice in Lunas, it does however, save one from driving a long distance especially with the fuel increase.

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