Thursday, June 19, 2008

Committing 7 Deadly Sins @ Genting Coffee Shop (Greenlane)

Have you ever committed the seven deadly sins...I mean all in one day? Well I nearly did. It started today when I was experiencing a particular urge to eat something. This gnawing hunger pangs was extremely intensive and I just could not fight it anymore. An inner voice was calling out to me and screaming for food. I shouldn't have skipped breakfast. I immediately took my four wheeler and went scouting for food at the nearby Genting coffee shop.
The first sin I committed was the fact that I was consumed by my lust for chee cheong fun. How can anyone resist the delicate, tender and silky white rice noodles let alone the sweet sauce, sesame oil and sesame seed ingredients? The sauce is untypical of what you would get from other chee cheong fun stalls. It's supposedly mixed with a good amount of peanut butter to give it a smoother and lighter texture.

Before I knew it, I had committed sin number two. Gluttony. Not satisfied with what I had, I decided to have the prawn noodles. The prawn based soup really pack a punch. It must have been boiled for hours to get the nice tasty flavour.

I decided to come back to the same coffee shop for lunch with a friend. Sin committed: greed. I went overboard and ordered an extra large serving of pasembur. It was awesome. This Malaysian salad consisting of shredded cucumber, bean curd, potatoes, prawn fritters, bean sprouts together with the sweet and spicy nutty sauce certainly hit the right spot.

I was envious of my friend who was enjoying his chicken rice and decided not to miss out on it too. For some reason, the chicken rice stall is famous and has a good client base. I thought the chicken and the light soy sauce were quite ordinary but the rice was soft and well fragrance. It's probably cooked together with some secret ingredients and chicken stock.

Like in all coffee shops in Penang, you almost always cannot get away from not ordering a drink. Out of pride, I had to order hot tea.

I came back to the same coffee shop during tea time for round three. I decided to buy some pancakes and mua chee to take home. Personally, I think the apom here is much better than the ones at Burma road in front of the Union school. It's not too dry and you don't taste too much of the coconut milk. The mua chee stall is also popular. It is the best I tasted so far. The mua chee is extremely soft and generously covered with finely grounded peanuts and sugar. It's just melts in your mouth.

Emotions run high after I realised that all my photo shots on the mua chee didn't come up nice. I had already eaten them so it's too late to take more shots. I decided to take out my anger on the apom. Poor bastards. They didn't stand a chance. They were wiped out instantly.

Close to committing all seven sins today but not quite there yet. Finally, forgive me Father for I have sinned!


gill gill said...

The Genting Coffee shop usually will be Hot Oven when comes to sunny noon...i usually will tar pau back rathen then dine in...haa

Fortesfidelis said...

I agree with you. I avoid it if I can. The ventilation isn't too good too. I would go early by 11 am then tar pau the apong back. Unfortunately, it means I normally miss the laksa stall which opens only in the afternoon. The economy rice is reasonable too.

Nate-n-Annie said...

Ohhh, muar chee and apom! Two of my favorite snacks in Penang!