Sunday, June 29, 2008

Penang Hokkien Mee at Sin Kim San Coffee Shop (Georgetown)

Like most Saturday mornings, I would take with my in-laws and the rest for breakfast. We usually end up having dim sum in Georgetown. Same old, same old. *Sigh*. I decided that I needed to do something different to break this pattern. I can't imagine having dim sum week after week. Urgh! Don't get me wrong. Dim sum is one of my favorite food but it gets boring when you have it too often. I decided to exercise my veto (privilege of being the driver :)) this time and pressed for hokkien mee at Sin Kim San coffee shop. Surprisingly enough, there weren't any protest. Not that the protest would make any difference but it's good to know that the thoughts of the masses are in sync with mine.

We made our way to the coffee shop which is located at the end of Rangoon road. While Sin Kim San is well known for it's hokkien mee in the mornings, the banana pancakes and char koay teow are a must try. Unfortunately, these three stalls operate till noon everyday so it's no surprise that there are a lot of people patronising these stalls during weekends.

Penang Seang Lim Top Taste Hokkien Mee.

Don't play play. The owner, Annie also has a business card. You can call to order for special occasions too. If you are unsure where the coffee shop is, there is an address below the business card.

You have the option of having the 'pai kut' (pork ribs) or the 'hae kor" (mantis prawn) hokkien mee. Which ever that you have, they both pack a punch. The hokkien mee comes with a generous helping of shrimps, lard and if my case - extra 'pai kut'. The pai kut was just wonderful. It's soft, tender and comes off easily from the bone. Additionally, the prawn stock is also very tasty. I'm assuming like most hawker food, some MSG has been added to the prawn stock to give it an extra kick. Nonetheless, no complains here.

We also had the banana pancake with raisins and sesame seed. I use to go to the coffee shop at Beach Street (opposite the Standard Chartered bank) for my weekly dose of banana pancakes. Unfortunately, it's now closed ergo we come to Sin Kim San instead.

My wife loves the char koay teow here . She normally have it with extra bean sprouts. I 'taxed' her koay teow and it's definitely better than Sister's char koay teow at Macalister road. It has more flavour and tastier than Sister's char koay teow which I think is over rated and expensive. This char koay teow comes with a sizable amount of prawns and more importantly, it's cost only RM3.

Oh! We also had siu mai which we bought from the stall outside of Sister's char koay teow. This is arguably the best siu mai in town as it's made from lean pork and fish. As the wise saying goes "Old habits die hard". It will certainly take a while before we completely stay clear from dim sum. Damn those dim sum.


hclim said...

there is tasty Hokkien Mee, the coffee shop located at the back of penang plaza, but have to wait a hour...but very tasty..

Tan.wiratchada said...

WoW! I like Hokkien Mee and I love char koay teow...too soon Malaysia-KL...;)

GARY said...

The one behind Penang Plaza (One Corner Cafe)was formerly from Rangoon Rd (Super Cafe). His brother is the Classic Cafe (Kebun Nyur) Hokkien Mee. Both are equally good, but I prefer the Classic one (minimum 1 hour wait)lol