Friday, June 6, 2008

Maria's Wantan Mee (Georgetown)

For those of you who are into wantan mee and mee goreng, I suggest that you try the coffee shop located by the side of the main entrance of New World Park. It's located along Burma Road just opposite Lai Lai supermarket. We were at New World Park one day , scouting for new places to eat and stumbled accidentally upon this coffee shop.

Here's a photo shot of Old Town and StarBucks at the main entrance of New World Park. This shot was taken from where I was standing at the coffee shop.

While the coffee shop consists of only two stalls; wan tan mee and mee goreng, business is very good. Most of the time its jam packed and you might have to wait in order to find a seat.

Here's the famous Maria's wantan mee stall. Try the siu kow or dumplings. Your meal wont feel complete without it.

We decided to have only mee goreng and mee rebus that night. I would normally order siu kow as well but I was saving extra space for dessert. Notice how I couldn't wait for the picture to be taken and started ahead with the mee rebus.

All in all, I was a satisfied camper although I did regret not having the siu kow. After all, its famous for its siu kow.

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fatty said...

si the mee goreng or mee rebus rlei that good?