Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Roti Bakar at Toh Soon Cafe (Georgetown)

I happened to discover a new place for good roti bakar recently. It was purely by chance. A few weeks back, I had to chaffeur my wife to look for locally designed T-shirts around Georgetown for her nieces and nephews. We stopped by at one of the shops at the entrance of Campbell Street which sold quite a variety of clothes. While waiting impatiently for her to select the designs of her choice, I noticed that not far from where I was, there was a crowd building up along one of the side lane. Upon closer inspection on what I thought was a dodgy alley, there's actually a shop inside the lane selling roti bakar. Its called Toh Soon Cafe.

From one glance, this place looks anything but dodgy. It triving and lively. There is a mix crowd of Ah Mahs, Ah Peks, Ah Bengs etc, sipping their tea and coffee away or reading the main headlines from their newspapers, all completely oblivious to their surrounding. I decided to join the crowd and ordered some roti bakar to blend in. They have got a few types of bread to order from. The bread selection consists of whole wheat, chocolate, coffee marble, Hainan, sandwich and even low calories bread for the health conscious folks.

I ordered the whole wheat and the chocolate bread. And of course, tea and coffee. The way the toasts are prepared is quite unique. Its toasted over charcoal fire. Now, that's not something you see everyday. These days not many coffee shops use this method anymore. They also serve half boiled eggs something which isnt too appealing to my taste.

I went for second round; this time the Hainan bread plus extra tea. The Hainan toast tasted the best among the three I ordered. The aroma which consisted of a blend of melted butter and grilled charcoal was just tantalising.

I recommend that if you are into roti bakar, do give Toh Soon Cafe a try. However, be prepared to wait as this place is popular and pack most of the time. Its no surprise that they sometimes miss out on your order so be warned. They forgot my change!


PenangTuaPui said...

ya.. this is definitely worth trying...

there are reporter gathering place for a quick tea time.

Fortesfidelis said...

While the toast is great, I try not to hang around this place for too long. As you know the main police station use to be just across the street. Back then when they do not have enough people in the line up, they just pick people from the streets. It's ok now since they moved the main HQ to patani road.:)