Monday, June 16, 2008

Mr.Pot Cafe Along Gurney Drive (Georgetown)

I have heard from a friend that there is a new cafe in town. He recommended that I try it since he's been there and enjoyed the food. He was actually refering to Mr. Pot cafe which is located along Persiaran Gurney. Last Saturday morning, we crammed ourselves into two cars and made our way there. It was such a relief when we reached Mr.Pot since the kids were all restless and blabbing non stop in the car. Tranquility at last! The food will keep them distracted for a while.

While waiting for our food, I decided to take a look at the menu again. A great selection of sandwiches and toasted bread. They even got boiled eggs too.

Hey, they have got catchy menus. Perhaps this one is appropriate for our PM. If I were in his shoes, I'll be really depressed too!

We are concerned with your intake of fatty oil. I don't think so. I also see belacan chicken in this menu......

This one is suitable for those partying the whole night. Light and refreshing.

Who says that if you are fat you can't enjoy food? I'm already salivating over the burger.

They also serve an assorted variety of cocktails and hard liquors.

Finally, our toasted bread and sandwiches arrived. I managed to take a few shots before they quickly disappeared.

Toasted bread with kaya.

Toasted bread with cheese.

Toasted bread with tuna.

Tuna sandwiches.

Chicken with cheese sandwiches.

French toast with kaya spread.

I had the ice coffee. Strong and kau (thick).

Mr.Pot is an equivalent to an upscale trendy cafe. Be prepared to pay more than your ordinary cafe. Having said this, it's comfortable and the ambience is great since it's located by the beach front. While the food we ordered were quite ordinary, it made this up by providing a nice spread of choices. An excellent place to chill out after work or during the weekends.


Anonymous said...

the food there is so so...AND YET the attitude of the servant there is -1000...u know what ..when i enter the cfe..the 1st thing the worker asked: are u ordering food?? then i said yes..(as im hungry cz its 12.20am) then he arranged a side table for me..but its the table and the chair is so wet..then i saw a blank table at left i ask can i sit there? he answed.: THERE A...MAKE SURE U ORDER FOOD A...ONLY DRINKS CANNOT..(FYI.. its just another normal table at the left side and for the drinks itself its not cheap..and in the very 1st place i do said im going to order food..) so my fren answerd yes again..then we went and sit on that table which is not wet and he start repeating the same thing in a very rude tone..: MAKE SURE U ORDER FOOD AH..and this time he said loudly to the worker who is going to take order : REMEMBER A..THEY ARE GOING TO ORDER FOOD..NOT DRINKS..infront of us..what the...its SO RUDE!!HOW CAN THEY TREAT THEIR THEIR CUSTOMER LIKE THAT???and its only the 2nd time i've been there .!! SO I PERSONALLY DON RECOMMEND PPL TO GO THERE..

Anonymous said...

The food is great! Much much better than the popular Old TXXX cafes. Healthy to my style. Nice surroundings.
I always come here with my darling since 2007. We still come back regularly after marriage to memorize the time we met and chill out in the weekend.
The boss is very friendly to us too. He even said hello to us when he bumped to us at shopping mall one time. So, he is definitely not a rude one.

Anonymous said...

Had a BAD experienced at Mr Pot! I bought a online voucher from a group purchase website.
When i redeem it at the evening(not a peak hour), whole restaurent only got 3-4 tables cutomers(Including us). After take the order, we sit there for almost an hour but dint receive our food. The customer come after us also finished their food!!! NO ONE attend us even we raise our hand! After told them we waited for the food, still no response....

Anonymous said...

actually was thinking wanted to bring my family to have a great vacation at penang and searching for nice place to have some supper instead of sitting in hotel doing nothing.. is it really that bad about the cafe??

Anonymous said...

Can you see the Mr Pot logo. How can it be called Pot but the logo is kettle. How on earth can this happen? Such a shame mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Mr pot actually the nickname of the owner!people used to called him Ah pot!!