Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ee Thong Restaurant (Air Itam)

Every Thursday we would meet up with all my wife's relatives and go makan together. They recently suggested Ee Thong restaurant which is at Zoo Road in Air Itam. I havent been there before therefore I really look forward to discovering this new eating place. The restaurant is quite hidden from the main road in Air Itam as it is located smack inside some residential area. I suggest that you get your bearings right before you head out here. Once you reach the restaurant, parking is not an issue as there are ample parking spaces. A promising start. Or that's what I thought.

While making our way to the dining area, I noticed that one of their specialty is the curry chicken with bread. I know there are some places in Penang (mainly mainland Penang) that serves this dish, it isn't too common on the island. Being adventurous as we were, we decided to give it a try!

The rest of the other dishes came. We had.....

Steamed fish in soya sauce.

Tofu with mixed vegetables.

Fried mantis shrimp.

Curry chicken with bread.

Roasted pork belly.

We were bitterly dissapointed with the food over here. It wasn't what it supposed to be. The fish wasn't fresh and fried mantis shrimp hard as rock. I noticed the elderly folks were struggling to chew them down; thank god the kids were there to finish the rest of the remnants - they got stronger teeth! Most of the food was blend and even the curry chicken with bread wasn't really that special. I have had better once before. Everything here was just below ordinary. We also ta pau fried rice back for my brother-in-law. He is one of the most simple guy you can imagine especially when it comes to food. Even then he didnt find the fried rice to his liking.
Pop quiz. Would I ever come back here again? Hehehe guess la.

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Anonymous said...

The food there is not so nice if compared to ten years b4.
The food used to be delicous and fresh, but now..... i think i'll make a better dish than them... hee...