Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Colonel Sander's Spicy Fried Chicken

Have you ever stop to ponder the growing uncertainties around us today? In Malaysia, we are hit by fuel prices jumping to a record high. To aggravate matters, there is a shift in political landscape, a growing discontentment among the population towards the general policies of the government, a scandalous judiciary system, rising costs of living and more. All these point towards a recipe for disaster for the ruling government. And to digress away from politics, there are of course some recipes that purely delight and stimulate your taste senses. For instance, KFC's fried chicken marinated with 11 spices and herbs. I thought it's about time I pay the Colonel a visit.

I have got a couple of meal vouchers from my wife and will redeem them for a snack plate. She said there are plenty where they came from. rider. It looks like it's going to be KFC this whole week.

The snack plate consisted of 2 pieces of chicken, a bun, mash potatoes and some coleslaw. Here's where the power of observation comes in. I notice that when you order spicy instead of the original recipe, the chicken pieces seem to be a lot larger. I'm an advocate of the original recipe but hell, if I'm going to get smaller pieces, I rather switch camp. If you do experience the same observation, please do comment.

Yummy. Unlike what's going on in the country, this is one recipe that is certain to delight me the whole week. After all, who am I to complain? It's free.

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