Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hawker Food at Poly Cafe (Pulau Tikus)

Since Monday was a replacement holiday, my wife and I drove to Georgetown for lunch. We decided on Poly Cafe at Pulau Tikus. It wasn't our first choice. We initially intended to have lunch at the New Cafe kopitiam but as usual, it was packed. Since Poly cafe is just a block away, we made our way there. It's situated centrally in the heart of Pulau Tikus, along the row of commercial outlets.

I have been here many times before since the hawker food here is generally good. There are quite a number of variety of stalls to choose from. I particularly like the stall that sells the Indian economy rice. Its called Subra Indian Food. I will need to remind him about the apostrophe s the next time I see him. Although he serves typical India food, it's prepared halal therefore you get a mix bunch of people frequenting his stall. It was rather a harmonious sight to look at.

The mutton kurma here is a must try. He got the combination right as the aroma of the mutton wasn't overpowering and it's cleverly masked by the spices. A lot of people I know dont like mutton because of the smell. However, it's not the case here. There is also an assorted variety of spiced and scented vegetables, different types of curries (fish, chicken and I belive gizzard too) and eggs (salted, fried, boiled) to choose from.

I chose four items which consists of a piece of chicken, fried egg with onions, vegetables and ikan bilis. Do expect a generous helping of the curries. As shown from the snap shot below, Mr.Subra literally flooded my rice. And the monsoon season hasn't even begun!

My wife also ordered the roti babi which was good. The pork stuffing was soft and well minced; and they held tighly together unlike other places we tried. Besides roti babi, the stall owner also came up with other creative stuffings like tuna, cheese, sambal, sardine etc. There is also a write up on this stall from The Star newspaper so that adds some credibility to the food from this stall.

As if the roti babi wasn't enough, my wife ordered a plate of Hainanese chicken rice. Wow. She can really eat. Oink! Oink! Anyway, according to her, the rice itself was blissfully tasty. I don't know what she meant here. I didn't bother trying since the spices from the curries masked my taste buds. I am sure it must have been great since the chicken rice stall was full with activity.

A snap shot of Mr. Seng happily chopping chickens away.

Another stall to patron is the one that proudly displays the one ton mee signage. I think we all know she meant wantan mee. Not bad at all.

There are also other stalls selling curry mee, hokkien mee, Taiwanese food and yong tau foo but it's just not possible to try all of them. I'm sure they are equally good but for now I think I'll stick to my Indian rice. Period.

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