Monday, July 14, 2008

Penang Pasembur Along Persiaran Gurney (Gurney Drive)

As you drive along Persiaran Gurney, some of you might notice that there is a small food court along the beach front. I have been to the food court many times for the mee goreng and it's only fair that I pay it another visit. There isn't any specific name given to the food court and I usually refer it to the Persiaran Gurney food court. Just so you know where it's located, it's situated quite close to Mr.Pot cafe. There's nothing interesting about the food court except that there are only three stalls operating there. There's the mee goreng /rebus stall, the pasembur and the kopi stall. It's well known for the mee goreng and pasembur as the stall operators used to sell along Edgecumbe road. For most Penangnites, the Edgecumbe road mee goreng is highly reputable and it's made it's name way back during my father's era.

Here's a snap shot of the mee goreng stall. It's quite unique the way the stall owner prepares his food. He cooks all his ingredients separately and place them in trays. At first glance, you would probably think it's a nasi kandar stall. On the contrary, these are the ingredients which he uses when cooking the mee goreng.

I ordered the mee rebus instead as I haven't had it in a while. It was different as no sugar was added unlike other stalls. The gravy was strong, thick and slightly too spicy for my liking. It would have been perfect with less chilly. A plate of mee rebus would set you back by RM 3.50. For those with a bigger appetite, you can add additional sotong and what not to increase your pleasurable sensations.

This is the famous pasembur stall which used to sell along Edgecumbe road. All you need to do is to select what you want and place it onto the plate. Besides the items that you choose, it comes together with an assorted array of vegetables. I normally tell them to leave out the vegs.

Now. Who would come here and not have the pasembur? You won't be doing any justice to yourself. I had a mixture of the keropok udang, keropok kacang and tua kua and they come together with thick peanut sauce. I must say the pasembur does provide one with a bizarre eating experience. While the keropok udang and kacang are crunchy at the beginning, they will become mushy and soggy quickly if you do not keep working on them. Fortunately for me, I enjoy both contrasting textures.

Make sure you check the prices before you order your items. It's easy to get carried away dumping those stuff onto the plate. Before you know it, you probably blown a huge hole in your wallet like what I did.

While I was eating, I had this monkey to entertain me with somersaults and acrobatic stunts. Apparently, it belongs to the kopi stall owner. He uses the monkey to pluck coconuts to supply to his stall. Hmm. I take back my word about this place not being interesting. It looks like the monkey had the last laugh.


CK Lam said...

I love to eat pasembur and like you, I always eat it quick as I don't like it mushy and soggy.
Maybe we should try having it separated from the gravy...dip it on our own...haha

Andrew said...

yes, that's a great thought. Just like the one at NewWorld park. This one at Gurney litterally flooded my pasembur so time isnt on my side. :)