Thursday, July 10, 2008

Japanese Food at Tsuruya (Bayan Lepas)

I have been told that there is a Japanese restaurant called Tsuruya at I-Avenue in Bayan Lepas. Since my wife love Japanese food and we haven't been there before, we decided to check it out last Sunday.
Tsuruya is quite unique in it's design. While the main idea was to maintain the Japanese feel to it's customer, there are some Balinese elements involved in it's interior design. The lighting looked Balinese as with some of the interior decorations. The design is cozy and inviting as with the lighting which add a romantic twist to the environment. Alas, we had more than what we bargain for. While we were there, they had a power cut and the restaurant was in complete darkness for a short while. It would be a perfect moment if you are still dating. It gives you excuses to bump into things - if you know what I mean.
As the restaurant is made up of two shop units, there is adequate space to split it to a smoking and non-smoking section. You also have the choice to dine on the tatami floor and if you aren't comfortable sitting on the floor, there's always the regular way of dinning on the table. We opted for the tatami floor instead as it allowed us to have a good stretch before dinner. Truthfully, that's about all the exercise I did for the week.

We ordered the California maki and Kappa maki for my wife's nephew. He likes Japanese food too. Since he is still a toddler, the size of the makis fit his mouth nicely. He wont graduate to the bento box any time soon. That's for sure.

While both Anwar and Badawi have special abilities respectively (see Malaysia Today - AG-IGP Tag Team Fabricated Evidence) , my wife too has special abilities. She eats a lot and still maintains her curvy figure eight. For the moment. And just barely. In her enthusiasm for Japanese food, she ordered the Pirikari chicken......

Katsu ni (breaded chicken) with mustard.....

and Tonkatsu chicken in hot one bowl of rice. As she wolfed down her ala cartes, I can't help but think that her appetite would put any guy to shame.

As for me, I had the humble kunshi katsu curry (pork curry rice). Since is a set meal, it comes together with cawan mushi, salad and dessert. It was yummy.

Both my brother and sister in-laws had the unagi bento set.

If you find pleasure in eating, I suggest that you try out Tsuruya. The food is simply delightful and I like all of the food we ordered. The environment is cosy and price is reasonable for Japanese food. What more can you ask for?


CK Lam said...

The Unagi Bento set looks tasty. Will make a visit to this place (my hubby loves unagi)to try out the food

PenangTuaPui said...

we tried this for few time last year and we did give them somoe feedback on the type of chopstick they use is not in good quality, but it seems still using the same type.

But we like their environment and bento set as well.

The last visit we went there is before we start this blog.

Will give them a try, thanks for reminding us on this restaurant.

buzzingbee said...

yes yes.. i like the environment. Too bad I didn't have a camera with me when I dine in there quite some time ago. There's quite a number of Japanese restaurant there don't you think so?

rachelK said...

thanks for commenting tsuruya .. and all about the food introducing . part of the tsuruya ..they are keep improve their management and new menu . so feel free or wanna hav dine with ur wife .
by the way tsuruya will have another outlet at penang time square which located at 77-G floor -10 @ 21st march . so may pay a visit .. Thanks for supporting tsuruya

Anonymous said...

i like tsuruya tasty foods so much...and the price is reasonable as well....i'll continue visit in the future.

Anonymous said...

nothing much diffent with other japanese restaurant, but the price is a bit high compare the others, i feel sakae sushi better still..