Sunday, July 20, 2008

Taiwanese Food at Taiwan Fast Food Restaurant (Pulau Tikus)

As my job entails me to travel frequently regionally, I have travelled to Taiwan many times before. For whatever reason after all these years, I still don't enjoy Taiwanese food very much. I have to admit there are places in Taiwan that serve extremely good food but they are usually high end restaurants and beyond the reach of the masses. In general, I just can't find any connection with Taiwanese food. My general perception is that they are blend and uninteresting.
However, I am willing to make an exception to this rule. My wife and I love this Taiwanese restaurant located on the 1st floor of Midlands shopping complex. It's run by a Taiwanese expatriate who has now made Penang her home. We always get so much satisfaction from the food she dishes out partly because they have been localised to our taste buds. For directions, just watch for this sign that says Taiwanese Fast Food. Take the staircase which leads you to the 1st floor. While it's quite hidden, the restaurant has survived since its inception in the early part of the millennium through the support of many regular patrons...including your truly. :)

As you enter the restaurant, you will quickly notice that the interior design of the restaurant is simple, comfortable and inviting. While the restaurant itself is relatively small, the effect of the lighting makes you perceive otherwise. Groovy.

While this restaurant serves both ala cartes and set orders, I would recommend that you opt for the latter. They are reasonably priced and range from RM 10-20 per set. Additional, each set comes in a tray consisting of a drink, soup, rice, vegetables, dessert and the main dish of your selection. The main dish consists of a wide selection to choose from ranging from pork chop, pig's tongue, shabu shabu to a variety of noodles. Wicked!

Here's a selection of drinks to choose from for your set menu. There's the bubble tea which I really enjoy. They come with the soft, chewy tapioca balls. As a matter of fact, they are even better than those I had in Taiwan. Other beverages to choose from are the green tea with tapioca balls, special fruit juice, ice mocha and a number of tea and coffee selections.

Grilled chicken set. My wife and I love this. The chicken is grilled with sweet sauce and tasted like char siu bak except that this one is a lot tender.

Chicken chop set. This set order is an all time favorite at this restaurant. It comes in a generous portion too which is why its popular.

Another dish that is popular with the patrons is the meat floss with rice set.

The owner is always exploring new recipes to include in her menu. She recently added the chicken with special spices to her menu.

Entrails in spicy soup. This dish is an acquired taste but the soup is nice though.
Pork chop set.

For side dish, I recommend the Taiwanese milk toast. They come in thick soft slices dabbled in milk. There's even a green tea toast as an option.

This is just some of the many noodles this restaurant serves - beef ball noodles.

For directions to the restaurant, the address is as follows:
488-D, 01-02, Midlands Center (Shopping Mall)
Burma Road, 10350
Just note that they are close on every Wednesdays. For the regular patrons, please note that they have just opened a new outlet at the basement of Gurney Plaza just beside Seoul Garden. See you there!


J2Kfm said...

oh something new?
never realized there are good eateries in Midlands, other than the cheap buffet lunch at Berjaya hotel.
The only Taiwanese restaurant I've tried in Pg is Kocha, on Jln Burma I think.

Fortesfidelis said...

They have now opened a new outlet at Gurney Plaza just beside Seoul Garden. It's a lot convenient for those who like to shop there. I like this restaurant simply because it's so much cheaper than Kocha and the food is always so satisfying.

gill gill said...

yea i agree with you, fortesfidelis. This outlet are nicer and cheaper then Kocha. anyway, thankx for sharing they had been opened another outlet in gurney....coz i never reliase it...

Fortesfidelis said...

Gill gill - The outlet at Gurney Plaza has got very nice ambience too. However, it is also pack most of the time as compared to the one at Midlands.We prefer the outlet at Midlands simply because we are use to going there.

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chin aun said...


Siok Mei Koh said...

There's another good and authentic Taiwanese restaurant in Chai Leng Park, Prai. Little Taipei Village is located opposite Chai Leng Park wet market, next to Guilin Chinese medical hall. Run by a Taiwanese lady who has chosen Penang as her home. Try her hot pot (I love it), char chiang noodle, beef noodle, dumpling, intestines, honey drumstick rice and the best of all its mango and red bean ice. This place serves the best mango ice. Restaurant closed on Tuesday. I have been her loyal customer since 2 years ago and still looking forward to dine there.