Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Malay Food at Restaurant Minah (Gelugor)

Most people aren't aware that there are quite a number of good eating places for Malay food. I have to admit that Minah restaurant ranks among one of my list. It's located in Gelugor along the same row of shop lots next to Maybank. If you are coming from Bayan Lepas, you need to pass USM and after 1 km, you will come to a set of traffic lights. Proceed for a few hundred metres and you will see an entrance on your left leading you to the row of shop lots. For those of you coming from town, as you reach Gelugor, look for the Indian temple and the walkover bridge. Minah restaurant is directly opposite them.

Since it's located out of town, this unassuming restaurant is perhaps a well kept secret by those staying in the area. This second generation family-run restaurant serves good authentic Malay food. It's totally unpretentious because while the restaurant has been around for many years it still preserves the same recipes which were used when they first started. Additionally, it's probably one of the few restaurants (apart from fast food outlets & mamak stalls) where you can really experience the muhibah spirit because the clientele consists of a good balance of Malays and non-Malays.

I recommend that you try their specialities if you come here :
  • gado-gado
  • mutton kurma
  • fish curry
  • raw Malay salad with sambal belacan (long beans, cucumber and what not)
  • bryani rice - they don't serve this everyday so you need to ask

Assorted curries, rendangs and vegetables.

Gado gado in peanut sauce.

Fried chicken in spicy sauce.

While I was there last week, I had to trade off the mutton kurma since my wife doesn't take mutton. Nonetheless, the ikan bilis with petai is probably my favourite.

Minah restaurant is a great place to bring your family during the weekends especially if you feel like savouring Malay food. Overall, the food is great and the prices are quite reasonable depending on what you order. The full address of Minah restaurant can be found below:

Restaurant Minah
36S & T, Sungai Gelugor
11700 Penang
Tel: 04-6581234
Closes: Every Tuesday


Criz Lai said...

Wow.. that's quite a nicely spread of dishes. The Gado Gado looked tempting too. I shall make a trip up there one of these days. Thanks for sharing :)

Don’t forget to visit my blog on 31st July 2008… I have a food contest going on.

lingzie said...

my favourites at minah is the gado-gado, mutton kurma and the fried chicken!! the sour sauce that they pour over the fried chicken is really really good! haven't tasted this anywhere else except in Minah. :)

Fortesfidelis said...

Criz lai - Thanks for letting me know. I will visit your blog accordingly.

Lingzie - I like the chicken too mainly because of the sauce. The chicken can be slightly tough but it's still worth trying.

Coketai said...

I used to stay at Taman Tun Sardon some year ago!! I remember this is good place for Malay food, I can't recall the name! I believe this is the restaurant.

Thanks for refresh some of my old memory!!


Eleen Por said...

Reading this post reminded me that it has been eons since I last had Minah's food.

My personal fav is bulat-bulat the same as lingzie. The gado-gado, the mutton kurma and fried chicken are MUST-HAVES! :D

Ok lah, will go for lunch on Tuesday (since tomorrow's lunch is already planned for elsewhere).

Tks for the reminder. Cheers!

hakuko said...

the chicken wud be my no 1 must have at minah besides their perap(kerabu made of kacang botol, taugeh,kerisik, daun selom). :) visiting penang without stopping by minah is not a complete trip :)

Laila said...

I certainly remember Minah Restaurant, well during the 70s when I use to stay at Minden Heights. It still serves the best fried chicken with the special sour sauce!!

Anonymous said...

Just to share with all of you, Puan Aminah Bee has past away yesterday.