Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Tu Kar Chor (Pig's Trotter Vineger) at Teik Seng Coffee Shop

Every time when I look at my sister's in-laws son, it reminds me of pig's trotter. He's about one year old and chubby all over especially the legs and hands. Perhaps his lower torso does resembles tu kar ( pig's leg in Hokkien). I don't have a good photo of him showing his lower torso but this picture should give you a fair idea of him. Sometimes, I just call him tu kar chor just for kicks.

If you do occasionally have this craving for tu ka chor (pig's trotter cooked in vinegar and black sauce), I recommend that you try Teik Seng coffee shop at Georgetown. It's located at Carnarvon Lane off Chulia Street. If you are coming from Chulia Street, it's the lane on the right just opposite to Love Lane. For those of you coming from Campbell Street, it's the turning of the left just immediately after the market. You could also come from Carnarvon Street. Just drive straight on till you reach the market. Do not turn right. The road ahead of you is Carnarvon Lane. Easy peasy.

While the coffee shop is quite hidden, it's extremely popular with office workers during lunch time. I suggest coming here during the weekends as parking is a real problem during weekdays. Alternatively, you can park at the end of Campbell Street near the Kapitan Keling mosque and walk.

I was at Teik Seng with my father last Friday so the food items which we are allowed to order is somewhat limited. With his age, he prefers to watch his diet. And so he ordered spinach soup, stir fried bean curd and out of no where...tu kar chor. I thought I heard wrongly. However, the owner's daughter repeated the order. After a moments silence which was followed by an exchange of glances, my dad abashedly muttered to the young lady "Not so fat..can ah?

Tu kar chor in vinegar and light black sauce making a grand entrance. However, the pork was stripped of it's "glory" and we ended up with just lean pork.

Spinach soup with anchovies and century eggs. Simple yet delicious.

Bean curd with prawns and pork.

Apart from the tu kar chor, Teik Seng makes some kick ass fish curry (promfret with lady's fingers), siu bak (roasted pork) in thick black soy sauce, steamed egg, butter prawns and many more which I haven't tried. Pay Teik Seng a visit if you like chu char. Besides the food, you will find Teik Seng coffee shop quite interesting. I wont tell you but check out what's on the wall.

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