Monday, July 7, 2008

Yummy durians from Lorong Susu (Georgetown)

While durians are considered king of all fruits, my wife is considered the queen of durians. Hierarchically speaking, she's at the top of the food chain. You see, no durians messes with her. When ever it's the durian season, she would wallop a lot of durians. And I mean lot's of it and in any form. If you recall Bubba from Forrest Gump where he talked about shrimp this, shrimp that and what not. That's exactly like my wife. She would whack durian cakes, durian ice creams, durian desserts and anything made of durians.

If order to appease her seasonal craving, I told her I would take her and have caviar. Asian caviar. She didn't get it. As soon as I mentioned Lorong Susu, her eyes instantly lit up like a Christmas tree. One would have seen her from miles away! We drove to the famous Mr. Teik's durian stall at Lorong Susu and ordered a few from his brother.

Mr. Teik's stall at Lorong Susu.

Other assorted fruits (langsat and jack fruit) being displayed at Mr. Teik's stall.

Strangely enough, for someone supposing to be so passionate in durians, my wife has no clue what this all means. We found out that these are different grades and types of durians. We normally hear of D2, D24 but this stall have durians with many unusual names. For instance, Durian Boss (reminds me of Bruce Lee in the Big Boss except this one is a lot nicer to look at and eat), Frog, Prawn King and many more.

My wife likes her durians bitter. I tried a few and gave up.

Here's what I like - durians that taste sweet. I'm not sure what durian grades we had. We were all loss in our own thoughts and indulgences. I remember it was a peaceful 15 minutes before silence was finally broken. So for those of you who want some peace, take your family for a durian outing. You will be killing two birds with one stone.

More yummy durians!

For those durian lovers, here the address of Mr.Teik's stall. I suggest calling first to make sure they are open before you make a trip there. The prices are reasonable too. We paid an average RM 15 per durian and they were all way above expectations. Again, it's good practise you ask the price before they open the durians to avoid any potential grievances - if you know what I mean. I heard of some guy paying above RM 200 per durian in some stall in Penang. So wise up!

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