Friday, August 22, 2008

Wonderful Set Lunch At Manila Place (Georgetown)

Manila Place is located along Penang Gurney Plaza's stretch of trendy eateries and alfresco coffee outlets. Since it's renovation two years back, this restaurant has been a crowd puller. The renovation has given Manila Place a new lease of life by the choice of it's decor. The attractive and sleek modern decors coupled with a touch of fusion jazz music on the background certainly creates a comfortable and relaxing ambiance. More importantly, the key contributing factor for the success of the restaurant was that Manila Place repositioned itself from a cafe to a proper restaurant serving wholesome meals throughout the whole day. It serves set meals not only for lunch and dinner but also breakfast and tea. This is complemented by a mixture of Asian, English, Italian, Japanese, Malaysian and Szechuan ala cartes.

The set meals are a bargain. For instance, the set lunch consists of 12 main course to choose from. It comes together with either a cold drink or tea / coffee, a soup and a bun and finishing off with ice cream for dessert.

The grilled lamb chops that was part of the set lunch was worth every penny paid. I was expecting the worst as most lamb chops I tried elsewhere were either slightly grilled too long and just difficult to sink you teeth into. The chops were perfect! The meat ripped apart easily as you cut them. Additionally, the black pepper and mushrooms sauce was delightful and instead of two pieces of chops you normally get in other restaurants, we got three. And look at the sheer size of it! All these for less than RM 30 nett.

The BBQ chicken and black pepper chicken set meal were nice too considering the price you pay for it (RM 16.90 nett).

Other ala cartes recommended are the grilled Bombay chicken which comes with an interesting mixture of hot and spicing Bombay sauce, the grilled salmon with lemon and dill or the lasagna. For those with a sweet tooth, you wont be disappointed. Manila Place serves an assorted range of cakes and pancakes or crepes. It's famous for it's cup cakes as the owner also specialises in making customised cup cakes for any events. Please see Cup-A-Cake for more information. Lastly, Manila Place also provides catering services for private functions. Further information can be viewed from Manila Place's website.

For directions to Manila Place, please see below:
Manila Place
170-G-43, Persiaran Gurney
10250, Penang


550ml jar of faith said...

Hmm I like that the main courses came with what looked like a decent salad. None of that wilted iceberg plus one measly slice of tomato crap!

buzzingbee said...

yes the set lunch is quite a good bargain in this cafe. The German sausage set is not bad too.

Anonymous said...

is this place halal?