Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Soya Bean Puddings At Prangin Mall (Georgetown)

Every time whenever my wife and I window shop at Prangin Mall, we would normally stop by at Number Two Refreshment Corner for desserts. Number Two is located on the 2nd floor of the mall and sells soya puddings, beverages and toast sandwiches.

Number Two serves eight different types of soya pudding - original, cocoa, black sesame, almond, carrot, sweet corn, pandan and coffee.

You can also customise your soya puddings by adding in any combination of nata de coco, pearl ball, fruits and ginkgo seeds.

At the end of the day, you end up with a colorful pudding suited to your preference. As per the pictures below, the former depicts the almond pudding while the latter the coffee pudding - all topped with different assortments of nata de coco.

To coincide with the mid autumn festival, Number Two also sells home made cartoon crystal moon cakes. They come in different cartoon characters ranging from mickey mouse, minnie, doraemon, hello kitty, winnie the pooh and many more. You have the option to choose different flavours too - coffee, red bean, pandan, corn, chocolate, cheese, blueberry, tiramisu, durian and dragon fruit. Each box which cost RM 16 contains 6 pieces of moon cakes with different flavours.

Lastly, you can also quench your thirst as Number Two offers a wide range of beverages. They range from cold beverages like soya, green tea, chrysantenum tea to hot beverages like ginseng milk tea, ginger tea, almond tea, red dates longan and many more. All drinks cost less than RM 2.

For directions, proceed to the 2nd floor of Prangin Mall and head for the Center Mall. It's opposite Nice Day which sells toys and gifts.


lingzie said...

the cartoon mooncakes look really cute! how's the taste? hope its not too sweet.
i havent gone to prangin mall in a long have not noticed this dessert stall before.

Ms. _____ 2 be ! said...

If those mooncakes were to be sold here, it be gone in no time..hehehe

Criz Lai said...

My nieces would be impressed if they have Winnie the Pooh mooncakes, do they?

Fortesfidelis said...

lingzie - the texture of the mooncakes are quite nice and they arent very sweet. The cartoon characters are quite creative.

mr. 2 be - I bought some for my wife's nieces and nephews and they finished all of them ...more so because of the cartoon characters! Personally, I would hesitate to eat as they just look too cute.

criz lai - yes, they have got quite a spread of cartoon characters from winnie the pooh to some of the other disney characters.

Michael said...

lol...the best soya pudding i've ever tasted and its all very healthy without any colourings and preservatives.

its an original and the only one in Penang and in Malaysia for the various toppings and add ons .

two thumbs up for no.2 refreshment corner for that wonderful experience.

the disney mooncakes are just fantastic and unique. i bought a few boxes as gifts for my family and friends.

i hv since been a regular customer of this unique refreshment shop.

all the best to no2 refreshment corner.

Ken Young Conceptual Design said...

they already moved to 2nd floor beside parkson and change to Kafe Soya Soya since 2nd June 2010.

Ken Young Conceptual Design said...
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