Thursday, August 28, 2008

All Time Classic Chicken Pies From Penang Hill (Air Itam)

If you grow up in Penang, you would probably remember the delicious chicken pie from Penang Hill. This has to be one of the classic chicken pies I ever tasted since I literary grew up with it. We use to have it during the weekends and there was never enough for everyone.

For some of you who don't know about this,'s likely it's going to stay that way unless someone let you into the secret. This guy makes his chicken pies from his home in Penang Hill and delivers them in his motorcycle directly to your home. He makes about a few hundred pies a day and what's fascinating about this is his business thrives on just word of mouth! For deliveries, I do believe there is a minimum quantity but I recently bought only five and encountered no hassle.

I took three and they were certainly not enough for myself. Shall we say old habits die hard?

The chicken pie comes wrapped in a crispy pastry together with chunky pieces of chicken, potatoes, egg, onions, carrots and peas. And to add another twist to the pie, classic Worcester sauce is used as the base sauce. What's worth mentioning is that a piece only cost you RM 1.90. For the sheer size and quality you get, you can't find this anyway.

For those of you who want to taste the reminiscent of the wonderful and classic chicken pie, here's the contact.

Penang Hill Chicken Pie
Contact person: Ah Wang
Tel: 013-5032947
Price per piece: RM 1.90

After all, you got nothing to lose and delivery is free :)


550ml jar of faith said...

Oh this is wonderful! This was a recent discovery for me, when a friend's office ordered it in bulk and he kindly shared it with me. My life and perception of local chicken pies has never been the same again!

GiGi said...

oh i think i must certainly call this number and oder some once i m back in Penang! i really miss Penang taste of chicken pie. i dun see any chicken pie here in the US. i guess it is a Malaysian version of pastry?

PFS6450 said...

Hi there, sorry to ask, is it 'halal' for Muslim? Thx again!

Anonymous said...

Finally found the number here, got to call immediately to order. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

is the chicken pies still available now?