Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chinese Food At Fuho Restaurant (Bayan Lepas)

I was recently recommended by my sister-in-law to try out a new Chinese restaurant called Fuho near her work place. As such, we decided to make a trip down to Batu Maung during the weekend where the restaurant is located. Fuho Restaurant is easy to find as all you have to do is drive all the way from the coastal highway till you reach the set of traffic lights at Batu Maung. Take the right turning and continue to drive till you see a row of shop lots on your left hand side of the main road. As you take the left hand turn, you should see Fuho on the right hand side of the shop lot. There are ample parking space at the back so parking is of no issue.

The restaurant itself is spacious and the design of the interior is relatively simple. At one corner of the restaurant, there are also a couple of couches for you to relax and watch Astro or surf the Net while sipping your favourite drink. As for the menu, it's quite extensive. Since we were new to this place, we ordered what's recommended on the menu. Can't go wrong when you follow this rule of thumb.

For starters, we had some loh bak and fish ball while waiting for our main course. Luckily, I managed to snap some photos (with much stress and skill) before they were completely wipe out by my hungry relatives. FYI, I am normally given a grace period of 1 minute to take my shots thereafter it's every man for himself....if you know what I mean.

One of Fuho's signature dish is the steamed Chinese herbal chicken. It is a set meal that consists of a herbal chicken and slices of mushrooms in aluminium foil, a soup and a plate of vegetable in soy sauce. You get all this for only RM 13.90. This dish definitely gets my two thumbs up. The combination of the herbs and other ingredients was just right. The herbs wasn't too overpowering, the chicken was tender and the herbal soup was boiled to perfection.

We also ordered the chicken and cashew nut set meal. As with the herbal chicken set meal, it comes with a soup and a plate of vegetable.

This is the deep fried chicken in cashew set meal. It tasted good too.

The owner of Fuho restaurant also owns Little Castle Cafe which is just 2 units away. While Fuho specialises in Chinese cuisine, Little Castle Cafe focuses to attract those with a liking for Western food. As the owner was kind enough to let us order food from Little Caste Cafe, we decided to try out what they have to offer.

The chicken in cornflakes which my brother-in-law ordered rather nice. It also come with fries, a portion of coleslaw and a lovely gravy to complement the chicken.

Yours truly (that's me) had the Three (3) Musketeers which consists of a combination of chicken, fish and sausages. This is a great combo considering you are paying less then RM 9 for it. Additionally, I thought the fish in bread crumbs was lovely. I should remind myself to try the fish and chips the next time.

While the adults were chatting away after the meal , my wife's nephew had all this to himself. Not two scopes but actually four. He had two chocolate scopes earlier and that wasn't enough to satisfy his desire for more. At five, he's already having a paunch.....a small 'sam chan' just like his father. Like father, like son :).

All in all, both Fuho and Little Castle Cafe are worth visiting. There are a wide food selection to choose from and the food is nice. More importantly, the price is reasonable too. For more information, please see below for details:

Fuho Restaurant
No.45-47-01, Lintang Batu Maung
11960 Bayan Lepas
Tel: 04-626 5212
Little Castle Cafe
No.53-01, Lintang Batu Maung
11960 Bayan Lepas
Tel: 04-626 2212


buzzingbee said...

Both the chinese and western food looks really yummy. The price is also reasonable. Can't wait to try it out!

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This restaurant looks great!!!. I can't wait to visit....the food looks good and the place,too. Thanks for your recommendation!!