Saturday, August 2, 2008

Medicated Tea Shop Along Kimberley Street (Georgetown)

My perception about medicated tea shops is that they normally cater for two kinds of customers. The customer base can be segmented into two categories that is seasonal and non-seasonal. For the former, these customers tend to frequent medicated tea stalls only during durian seasons. Like my wife who happened to be a durian kaki, they need something to quickly cool down their body temperature. The other group of customers are probably more...let say... unfortunate. Their reasons for going to any medicated tea stalls can be due to the fact that they are ill or going to be ill. As you know, you don't go to there for your freshly brewed coffee or fancy beverages. Medicated tea is an acquired taste and unless you fall into these two categories I mentioned, you will most likely not drink it. Of course, I might be wrong. There could be another group of people who loves medicated tea because they just simply love the taste.

Irrespective which group you fall in, if you need (for reasons only known to yourself) to look for a place that serve medicated tea, I suggest the medicated tea shop along Kimberley Street. Its located at the far end of Kimberley Street as you approach the T- intersection to Penang Road. Shong Hor Hin medicated tea shop has been around since 1950s and is a 2nd generation family-run business. The medicated shop serves a variety of herbal tea ranging from kor teh (bitter tea), tek chia (bamboo cane tea) to chrysathemum tea with honey. Additionally, Shong Hor Hin also makes special desserts which varies daily.
  • Monday - Leng chee kang or Sea coconut
  • Tuesday - Barley and ginko
  • Wednesday - Water chestnut
  • Thursday - Papaya almond or loh han kor
  • Friday - Ang tou sa or red bean soup

Shong Hor Hin as it is today - a prewar house located along Kimberley Street. Business is brisk.

For those up to the challenge, they also serve shuet kap or frog's saliva. This is considered a delicacy and helps to clear your throat ..or so I have been told. This cost RM10 per bowl so sip it very very slowly.

You can also buy back or like how they say it in US - to go. They can last for a couple of days in your fridge.

Prices are shown below by the banner. I ordered four of the shuet kap without checking the price. After that, instead of clearing my throat I had migraine instead.

Feel free to drop by at Shong Hor Hin. It is open everyday from 1pm -10pm daily and closes on public holidays.


BeautifuL Life said...

Ohh...i need to know more of this kind of places as i fall sick easily (cold and flu)

Criz Lai said...

You also find them to be expensive right? But I can assure you that what they gave is of quality. In fact, they are the same as the herbal tea stall selling along Cintra Street, next to the famous hum chim peng stall.

J2Kfm said...

migraine instead? hhahaha
too mahal ah? :)

it's called hasma right? if it is, then it's not the saliva of a frog. hmm ...

Fortesfidelis said...

beautiful life - there are a couple of stalls around but they are mostly selling on the road side. This one is different as there is a place for you to eat inside.

Criz lai - yes, I was told that they have a another stall close by but wasn't sure where it is. As what you stated, it is then very close to Tai Dong.

j2kfm-you could be right. It does look like hasma but I was told by the stall owner its frog's saliva or suet kap.

giNnA said...

I will visit this shop normally when I almost fall sick... Now only I know that there are different kind of deserts sold in different days....Thanks for the info...

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