Monday, September 29, 2008

Penang Floggers Gathering At Edelweiss (Georgetown)

Yes, it was great to have finally met all the other food bloggers from Penang. We recently had a floggers gathering on 26 September organised by none other than the reputable food enthusiast, Lingzie herself. Much appreciation to those who were also involved in organising and contributing to the event- Gil and Jason of Gourmet Garden, CK Lam of What2See, PenangTuaPui of PenangTuaPui and Criz Lai of Criz Food. And final thanks to Ah Shui of Ah Shui's Little Kichen for the lovely brownies.

And so the fun began 7.30pm last Saturday at Edelweiss along Armenian Street......For a full review, please check out Criz Lai's blog.

I also caught the famous Chan Lilian spotting a red t-shirt advertising her website-The Obnoxious 5xmom. Other notable floggers present were Allan Ooi, BuzzingBee, Durian Berry, Nick Chan and many more.

Deliberately blurred out shots of floggers in action. Looks like the sausages are taking all the attention from the lady. Must be one hell of a impressive sausage!

We floggers are one shy lot. We like to take pictures of food but on the other hand we are quite camera shy. Notice they always have their backs to the camera.....

Hmm. Makes me wonder if we are any different from these special ops guys (courtesy of

Or these guys. By the way, check out his piece. It makes you think twice about messing with them (courtesy of With friends like these, who needs enemies?

So...if you really want to get to know us better (up, close and personal), check out our websites regularly for posting for the 3rd floggers gathering. It's tentatively agreed to be held on 6 December somewhere.....the venue will be confirmed at a later date.


J2Kfm said...

oh ... 6th Dec. why the date?
if, let's say IF I'm down to Pg for something, travel or work, can arrange a MINI gathering ah? =P

Fortesfidelis said...

I believe 6 Dec is just a tentative date. Nonetheless, if you are up in Penang before then, let us know. We might be able to round up the others for a smale scale gathering:)

lingzie said...

lol i love your post!! heeheehee. makes us sound like such a mysterious lot. :P

it was a pleasure meeting you and your wife. though i didnt really get a chance to talk to you much. next gathering ok? :)
and for some strange reason you look familiar...... hmmmm

Criz Lai said...

Hmmm... good idea to wear a mask for the next gathering.. LOL! We are such a mysterious lots after all.. haha :) It's great to finally meet up with you and your wife. Keep in touch A. :)

email2me said...

Ooooo the taliban side looks interesting! hahaha ....

cariso said...'s so funny to look at myself laughing like that when taking the shot on that plate of sausage. :p

cariso said...

Not able to add you into my reading /following list. Stated there "Could not detect a feed for this URL", how come?

Fortesfidelis said...

lingzie-likewise, it was finally good to be able to place a face to your name. I cant wait for the next gathering. Oh really..u have seen my face before? hehehe

criz lai-hahaha.ROTFL. Not a bad idea to wear a mask next time. Let's keep in touch too. what it says on the blog, with friends like the taliban, who needs enemies? :)

cariso-hi. I didnt manage to spend more time with you at the gathering. Hmm. I must say it was a good shot of you taking the sausages. Picture of the day!
As for the feed, its and proceed to select the reader of your choice. Any problems, let me know.

gill gill said...

Hey, nice to meet you & your wife in real person.

j2kfm, you are welcome to join us anytime!

buzzingbee said...

great to have finally met you and our partner.
Haha yea it's funny how we love to take photos of food so so much.
Hope we can meet up again next time. :D

buzzingbee said...

great to have finally met you and YOUR partner...!!! :)

allenooi said...

andrew, really nice to meet u in person.

i also have the same feeling like lingzie, u really look familiar. maybe i saw u somewhere else before. hehe.