Thursday, September 18, 2008

Dim Sum At De Tai Tong (Georgetown)

For most Penangnites, De Tai Tong needs no introduction. Tai Tong as it is more commonly referred to, is located at 45 Cintra Street and is well known for its heavenly dim sum. It is located amid the historic and central part of Georgetown and nestles together with some of the old buildings at the end of Cintra Street.

What makes Tai Tong stands out is that is still preserves the tradition of serving dims sums through traditional push carts. Like some dim sum places within this area, it is solely operated by elderly women in their 60s and above whom had acquired the crafty skills of maneuvering the push carts in tight and difficult corners. While it's hilarious enough to see them engross in their own grand prix, it makes me wonder whether this tradition would continue once this generation passes on. The additional uniqueness that these elderly waitresses bring with them to these rustic dim sum places are they are always loud and brash which makes places like Tai Tong interesting to dine in.

Like most days, Tai Tong is always pack especially on weekends. While most patrons comes here mainly for the dim sum, it is also well known for whipping up good chinese local dishes like assorted noodles and other local delights. I have been told that the 'oh chein' or oyster omelette is good although I have yet to try it.

While the dim sum are considered good by most standards, it lacks in variety. They have the usual suspects like har gau, egg tart, char siu sow, chee cheong fun and a few other variety of dims sums. My wife nieces love the raisin and peanut cupcake while I like the char siew bun for it's softness.

If you do come here for dinner or lunch, you can also order different types of noodles besides dim sum. The sar hor fun and crispy noodles are highly recommended.

For more information about Tai Tong, please see below:
De Tai Tong
45 Cintra Street
Penang 10100
Tel: 04-263 6625


Christy said...

I used to come here for dinner quite often last time; been here for lunch once and breakfast several times.
I agree that their uniqueness lies in the elderly staff who can maneuver their carts anywhere and it proves that senior citizens can do their job well too:)
It's been more than a year since I've been there...

Food Promotions said...

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lingzie said...

peanut and raisin cupcake served during dim sum? that's really unique! :)

Allie said...

where's the picture of char siew bun? ehhe

Fortesfidelis said...

hi christy-thanks for your comments. Do go and dine there again soon as the food is great.

lingzie-the cupcakes are really tasty. I like it with lots of nuts.

allie-oh,unfortunately the char siew bun went into my mouth first before I took the pictures. I always forget I'm a food blogger...:)

YewSuan said...

The Char Siew Pau is one of the best there . Last sunday me and my group of makan friend went to Pak Lay Sin Restaurant along Jalan Anson, beside Leong Gay furniture shop. The Tua Pau ( big pau ) is really good and cheap RM2.30 per pc. Shud try !

Cheers and happy makan-ning

CK Lam said...

I usually go for the egg tart...very sellable item and always hot and warm.

JeromeFo 令狐冲 said...

The sar hor fun and crispy noodles
look great! Too bad im in Uk now..
can't do food journey at the moment....

Fortesfidelis said...

yew suan-thanks for letting me know of Pak Lay Sin restaurant. I belive I have been there before for the dim sum and noodles. I like the food there too and there's a huge car park close by.

cklam- yes, we never leave that place without trying the egg tarts. really good.

jeromefo-dont worry. when you are back, let me know and we can go makan the sar hor fun and noodles there. I also know a couple of places which serves equally kick ass sar hor fun too.

Anonymous said...

hi, i m billy, do u know red tea garden dimsum house in farlim, just opposite d old sunshine farlim, at fortune court.. there u can taste a lot of dimsum variety especially .. most of d dimsum there is tasty,char siew pau is famous there, prawn dumpling, abalone dumpling, honeydew mochi, n a lot more, try it yourself