Friday, September 26, 2008

Ice Kachang At Kek Seng Coffee Shop (Georgetown)

Ahh...It has been a long time since I last went back to Kek Seng. It was only this week that I decided to pay a visit to this coffee shop or kopitiam which is located along Penang road. Kek Seng is no stranger to any Penangnite as it is one of the many old kopitiams in Penang that survived through the decades. In it's heydays, Kek Seng is probably synonymous to some of the more recent local franchises like Old Town that serves good old tea and coffee and many other local delights. It has built it's reputation over the years as the place that serves the best ice kachang although the top spot has now been taken over by the stall at New World Park aka Swatow Lane. Besides the ice kachang, Kek Seng is also famous for it's laksa and koay teow th'ng.

However, it seems like fate have changed quite a lot for this coffee shop. Although it was lunch time, I was rather surprise that it was rather empty. I remember that back those days you have to queue to find a table. It is not only when I looked at the sign on the clean white tiles on the wall that I understand why business has dropped considerably. As brash as it sounds, the statement proceeds to tell all patrons to order drinks or they will be fine RM0.40! With that sort of statement, who wants to eat here? Anyway, while I was clicking away, the owner must have realised that I was a food blogger and I heard her explaining to the laksa stall owner in quite a loud manner; as if to let me hear why they had to execute such regulations. What ever it is, it doesn't justify the RM0.40 and I believe it is a big turn off to many people. As if that isn't already a big turn off but listen to this. The drinks cost a bomb! I mean RM 1.40 for teh pheng or barley pheng is daylight robbery by any standards in Penang. I also notice that the kopitiam owners also treat people quite differently - in an arrogant way and I am sure some people would have been offended. I'm sure a little PR can go a long way to help them improve their business.

While Kek Seng is famous for it's laksa and koay teow th'ng, nobody seems to be ordering any of them now. Everyone seems to be having the chicken rice including me. I guess it's probably something to do with the herd mentality or in my case, I just felt like having rice for a change. It was average by any standards.

I also ordered pohpiah and I must admit that the pohpiah stall at Kek Seng serves quite a decent pohpiah. The pohpiah skin is smooth and the fresh ingredients consisting of lettuce, sweet chinese turnips, bean spruts, garlic, crab meat, minced tow kua and dashes of thick sweet soya sauce harmonizes the flavours nicely. Additionally, the juices from the popiah are well preserved within the skin and they do not ooze out easily and make the outer skin soggy. The pie tee from the pohpiah stall is also a must try as the pie tee shell is very crispy and fresh. It cost RM 2.00 for four pieces.

Sibling rivalry in action - pohpiah and it's little brother; pie tee in action.

For the finale, I ordered the ice kachang with durian ice cream at RM3.50. It has certainly lost it's magic touch although I did enjoyed the homemade durian ice cream.

As a final say, for those of you who which to get in touch with your nostalgic feel with Kek Seng, just remember to play by their new rules. Otherwise, you will be bitterly disappointed. The address for Kek Seng is as below:

Kek Seng Coffeeshop
382-384 Penang Road
Penang, 10000
Operating hours: 11 am to 4.30pm


Little Inbox said...

Hubby & I just paid them a visit recently. I have not writing my post yet. I like their loh bak and prawn fritters.

Fortesfidelis said...

Little inbox-many thanks for your comment. Yes,I heard the loh bak is good though I havent really tried them for a long time. Definitely will try them if opportunity exist the next time.

allenooi said...

hi, finally i am here. hehehe. nice blog!

Fortesfidelis said...

allenooi-Likewise, it was great to have met you at the foodies gathering.Hope 2 c u again in the next gathering.

Allie said...

The ice kacang looks good. But ... hmm... can I opt for a different flavour ice cream?

Food For Tots said...

Haven't been to Kek Seng Coffee Shop for a very long time. For ice kachang, I personally prefer the one at Lorong Selamat. Homemade ice cream and big kidney beans. Yummy!

GiGi said...

Ying, in fact Kek Seng brings us back lots of old day memories indeed, i remember at one time all of us in Excelsior group went there purposely for their durian ice shd be 10 years back..all these sweet memories suddenly strike on me when i read on Kek Seng durian ice-kacang. Thanks Andrew for recall your wife memory with me:)

zurene said...

Hie Andrew.I just saw your food review regarding the dim sum.Would like to feature some of your food article in my company's page.Please contact me for further info.

eric said...

The best ice kacang in Penang is at Hot & Spicy Cafe, Jalan Air Itam (main road), in front of the old Choon Nam cinema, opposite Public Bank Air Itam branch, just a few doors away from Shell petrol station.
RM2.80 per plate with ice-cream.