Sunday, November 9, 2008

Yaw's Roast and Grill Western Food At Gerbang Midlands (Georgetown)

If you have been in Penang long enough, you would probably be familiar with Top Top Snack Bar and Restaurant. It was previously located in Pulau Tikus and is considered one of the best restaurants serving western food. Of course, that was back in the 80s. However, the restaurant has long been relocated and is now operating from the owner's home at Gerbang Midlands. While it's smack in the heart of a residential area, Top Top or Yaw's Roast And Grill Restaurant as it is called now, isn't too difficult to find. As you approach Gerbang Midlands during the evening, look for the house at the junction and just follow the crowd. There is a good chance they are heading to Yaw's Roast and Grill for to satisfy their appetite for Western food. Alternatively, if you happen to be in the area in the early part of the day, you cant miss the sound of the meat being bash with a meat tenderising hammer. No wonder Uncle Yaw look so fit for his age!

The last time I was there was ages ago. I vowed not to dine there again due to their bad service. They have missed my orders several times and the typical waiting time is usually forty to sixty minutes. And that is if you are lucky! Nonetheless, I decided to give Yaw Roast and Grill restaurant a second chance. After all, the public and the MCA delegates had given the scandalous Health Minister; Dr.Chua Soi Lek their votes to represent them, so why not Yaw's Grill?

I noticed there were several changes to the restaurant. The service was extraordinarily better than it was before. Our orders were promptly taken and the garlic bread and drinks were served shortly. The former was complimentary and to my surprise, they were rather soft. The only thing that would add to the pleasant experience is a hot bowl of soup (Borsh preferably) to complement the garlic bread.

We didn't have to wait long for the main course. We ordered the Bombay chicken, chicken chop (see insert below for pictures) and the fish and chips. Having said this, I can't really comment much about the chicken chop and Bombay chicken as they were quite ordinary. They just do not have the omph to garner extra millage. This is such a pale comparison to the reputation that Top Top (Yaw's Grill) has built over the years.

However, all is not lost for Uncle Yaw. The fish and chips did spark a glitter of hope. The batter itself was somewhat reminiscent of what you might get from the fish and chips shop in the UK. Additionally, the extra lime did add an extra fresh and sharp taste to the already enjoyable flavours.

Besides the usual suspects (of your western food), Yaw's Roas and Grill do offer pies and puff as well. I believe during their glitter years, they used to be their top sellers. Perhaps, I might just pop over again in future just to get acquainted with their pies.

For those of you wanting to break the routine of dinning the same place, do give Yaw's Roast and Grill Restaurant a try. You never know. It might work for you.

Yaw's Roast and Grill (Top Top)
1 Gerbang Midlands
04-2276272 / 012-4848178
Open from Tuesday to Sunday (Close on Monday)
Operational hours: 5.30-11pm


550ml jar of faith said...

Yes, this place is just nostalgia personified, isn't it? I feel the flavours have stayed the same, our palates have become more sophisticated - and going back for their Chicken Minced dish makes you long for simpler times!

Lingzie said...

i didnt know that this place was closed on mondays...wanted to go there yesterday for dinner...but closed! so looks like i have to drop by again another time
the pies look good though... :)

ck lam said...

Never knew that they serve pies...looks good all heated up. Thanks for sharing this.

Elaiza said...

used to go there when i was small and remember the food is halal backthen. wonder whether it is still halal now? would love to give a try if its halal.

smithsan said...

The western food corner has been operating there for many years in a residential house. The taste for the food served has not change but the menu surely increased a lot. If you love to have some quiet moments in a nice and cozy place, spending some romantic moments as well in a dim lighted corner, do check out this place.

allenooi said...

i will go back and try others dishes on the menu in future. hehehe. i posted mine on last month.

email2me said...

Added to my list to visit.

Food Promotions said...

I used to dine at Tip Top when i was young. I love their grill fish and peach tea.

Yaw Jr said...

Hello, this is Kevin Yaw Terng Chi on behalf of Yaw's Roast and Grill, we would like to inform that we have now moved to a different location and is no longer operational at our old location. For more information please visit -

Feel free to contact 012-4848178 or 012-4129957 for any further enquiries

Anonymous said...

i love western food,and i want to try some food at this restaurant. please tell me if this restaurant HALAL or NON-HALAL?? what about the price?cheap or not?