Sunday, November 9, 2008

Soon Lai Seafood Restaurant (Greenlane)

If you need to look for a good seafood restaurant in Greenlane, look no further! I recommend that you try Soon Lai Seafood Restaurant. It's located along Lebuhraya Gelugur just opposite the play ground. For those of you who are not too familiar with the area, the seafood restaurant is located not too far away from the Olympic College or the KFC outlet at Batu Lanchang. An immediate observation indicates that Soon Lai is as mytical as it's surrounding. It's layout does not portray a proper seafood restaurant but more of a chu char outlet. Additionally, if you are looking for the fish tanks to see where the fish comes from, don't bother. There aren't any on display. And the fact that it's located in a residential area doesn't help either since it does not give anyone the impression that this place serves good seafood.

An evening shot of Soon Lai Seafood Restaurant.

We come here regularly every week so we are accustom to the choices available. However, let me suggest this. If you are looking for a great meal, you definitely need to try the crab. Everyone comes here for the crab so you shouldn't miss this out. While you can order just steamed crabs, the black pepper or spicy chili gravy that goes with the crab are other good options to consider. Having said this, for those more cost conscious, the har kor or prawn mantis is a good alternative to the crabs or prawns. They are deep fried and then cooked with either sweet and sour or black pepper sauce.

Another recommendation would be to try the sting ray which is usually cooked a few ways. They can be grilled on banana leaves and marinated with curry spices or steamed and served with the special thick spicy black sauce. Either way, they are both worth trying.

Our other normal dish would be the belacan chicken which goes down well with the kids. They usually finish well ahead than the rest of the other dishes.

One of their speciality is also the stir fried brinjal. The one shown below comes cooked in curry spices, shallots, chillies and shrimps. On most occasions, the portion served were rather small. Nonetheless, the wonderful taste makes up for the earlier short comings.

I normally like to have soup to go with the other dishes. So if you are a soup person like me, go for the spinach soup that's complemented with century old egg and shrimps. It's one of the few places that serves as good a dish besides Teik Seng.

Other dishes that you might want to try include; spring rolls, fried egg with seafood or bean curd with mix vegetables and pork.

All in all, you won't be disappointed with what you order. Soon Lai Seafood Restaurant is definitely a well balance seafood restaurant which serves good food at reasonable price for the portion you get. For details of the restaurant, please see below:

Soon Lai Seafood Restaurant
15, Lintang Batu, Greenlane
11600, Penang
Tel: 04-6589799
Business hours: 6 pm -12 am (open daily)

For more details, call Lau Keng Soon at 016-441366 or Fong Mee Chiew at 012-4773063.


Food Paradise said...

This is one of our favourite restaurant. The foods is nice and also the service is quick and the price are very reasonable. lol

New Kid on the Blog said...

I still can't figure out where is this place. The food really looks good!!!

Penang Tua Pui said...

like that i think i must go makan makan liao....

wanna go together? hee hee

Selba said...

Penang food is very famous... so glad that I found this blog so I can see the various dishes of Penang :)

Food Promotions said...

I went to this place once. truly the food was great.

Lingzie said...

this is one of my favourite places to eat too! was supposed to do a post but i was accumulating photos... :P
i love the nyonya style sting ray fish. very spicy but very good!

Mrs. Lee said...

Go to Google map of Penang and click Direction and it will show you where and how to go there !! It is in Greenlane !! From city to Jalan Masjid Negeri. Turn right onto Jalan Delima, Turn right onto Lintang Delima 4, Take the 1st left onto Lintang Delima 12, Take the 1st left onto Lintang Delima 15