Monday, October 27, 2008

Breakfast At Eng Loh Coffee Shop (Georgetown)

One of my all time favourite coffee shop in Georgetown has to be the Eng Loh coffee shop. WhenI was working in town, I use to frequent this coffee shop. It's located at the financial center where all the major banks are located ergo it's just convenient to pop by for lunch on the way to the banks. As for the exact location, Eng Loh is located at the end of Church Street. It's partly a budget hotel as well as a kopitiam (coffee shop) on the ground floor. While it has only a few stalls, all of them are really good. And I mean really good. I get to the juicy part later on.

This kopitiam probably serves one of the best teh peng and kopi peng in town. It definitely score points for presentation as it comes with quite an interesting contrast of colours. You can immediately see two distinctive layers. For example for the kopi peng, the milk sits on top of the thick coffee layer and gives it some life to the coffee. I normally have two rounds of the refreshing teh peng or kopi peng when ever I eat here. Just simply cannot resists it! You will also be quick to notice the uncle who serves the beverages - he has got a pony tail which is rather flamboyant for his age! Cool dude.

This is the kopi peng kau kau. Wa liou. I already gulped my own saliva while I'm writing this.

The wantan mee stall is the main attraction in the mornings. It offers an amazing variety of noodles with different add ons- chicken curry, mushroom chicken, drunken chicken, Hakka dried fungus, normal wantan and also dry hor fun.

The hor fun is quite a treat as it comes with not only the usual fried wantan but also some char siew and marinated pork. The hor fun is also delicate which makes it even more pleasant to eat.

This is the mushroom noodles with meat. Equally wonderful.

Another one of my other favourite stall has to be the chicken rice. You really have to try this as the aroma from the rice is simply tantalising. I believe some amount of butter is added in to give it a distinctive buttery fragrance. Additionally, the chicken is also well roasted and flavourful as butter is used to marinate it to give it and added dimension to the flavour. The uncle who operates usually don't start selling until after 11am so do make sure you time yourself well if you really want to try the chicken rice.

For those not wanting a heavy breakfast, the coffee shop operator also serves toasted bread and Western breakfast. There are 13 options for you to choose from so for those with an indecisive mind, this could spell delay in breakfast. We decided on the American breakfast set for the kids while we adults tried out the roti Taiwan. It's basically toasted bread cover in peanut butter and top up with peanuts. This roti Taiwan somehow didnt knock our socks off. We still prefer the roti bakar or toasted bread from Toh Soon along Kimberly Street.

Another good stall to try must is the one that sells home cook Indian food. This stall serves both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes and they also do out door catering too. It's quite popular especially lunch time when you see a lot people stopping by either to dine in or ta pau.

Finally, the char koay teow is also quite good too but I decided that I wont push my stomach that day. Sadly, I have no pictures to show you but do take my word for it. It's also quite good in it's on way. I used to whack the chicken rice to be followed by the char koay teow but that's another story liau. For those of you interested to make a trip down there, please find the full address to Eng Loh below:

Name: Eng Loh
Address: Jalan Gereja / Church Street, Penang
Opening hours: 8am-3pm (close every Sundays)


New Kid on the Blog said...

no wonder i never know this place la... it closes on sunday. :(

lilian said...

I like the drunken chicken wantan mee. Really tasty and cheap. BTW, I linked your Cafe Mandarin post.

Lingzie said...

oh i didnt know they had so many good foods for lunch! i went to try the roti taiwan and garlic toast recently...didn't really like it as the bread tasted hard... toasted too long me thinks?
will go visit again during lunch :)

Jo said...

Your pictures are now making me hungry! Wish I had a cup of kopi kau kau now as well.

gill gill said...

mmm...where is Eng Loh by the way?

cariso said...

Now only I know it has so many good choices! :)

天然パーマンTENNEN PARMAN [from Japan] said...

550ml jar of faith said...

Oh wow, I've heard murmurs about this place but haven't seen any pix of it till now. Can't wait to try this!

Big Boys Oven said...

wah looks so awesome place to be just nexgt to heaven! lol!

Andrew said...

new kid on the blog-u should visit in on saturday. worth the trip.

lilian-tq for linking to my earlier post. The druken chicken is certainly unique n I dont believe I have seen this anywhere else in Pg.

Lingzie-ya, the bread is ok only but do try to have lunch there.

jo-hehehe..the drinks are good lo.

gill gill-the best way is to come from the bomba at beach street. As you c church street on yr left (landmark-b4 old building currently being renovated), take that turning. Eng Loh is at the end of the road (corner).

cariso-yup. A well balance kopitiam with pretty good food.

550ml jar of faith- worth the trip there. Avoid lunch time if possible as always pack.

Big boys oven-yup..heaven for any food lover