Friday, May 30, 2008

Wantan mee @ Kheng Pin Coffee Shop (Georgetown)

I decided today to have brunch at one of my favorite eating place in Penang. Kheng Pin is located at the junction of Sri Bahari road which is smack in the heart of Georgetown. Like most coffee shops in Georgetown, it was built during the preware era.

I remember coming here a lot when I was back then in primary school specially for the loh bak and the wantan mee. It has been a while since I last frequent Kheng Pin and its no surprise why I have been dreaming of coming back here lately. I decided to suppress my appetite for the loh bak once and for all and make a trip down town.
I ordered a combo consisting of some loh bak and prawn fritters (heh cheh) for starters. Each piece cost RM1. Here is a snap shot of the combo that I took before I devoured them contently. The loh bak is famous because the uncle who runs the stall represented Penang in some gastronomy competition in Australia. That was many years back then. Nonetheless, the taste remains exquisite. Its very crispy and I somehow wonder the batter he uses is quite unique than the rest. Additionally, the pork he uses doesnt contain much fat unlike some other stalls. And it isnt too oily too. This is probably one of the best loh bak stall in Penang.

I also had the wantan mee. It used to be run by two brothers but now its operated by a husband and wife team. The noodles are quite delicate and the wantans are tasty as ever. The sesame oil isnt too overpowering hence one would be able to taste the intrinsic ingredients of the dumplings.

Notice that her stall spells wantan mee as wan thung mee. I have come across different names before like "wantan mee" and yes; "one ton mee" (could the true meaning be he's selling one tonne of mee?) but wan thung mee is something I have heard for the first time.

There are quite a number of other stalls here too selling porridge, satay, char koay teow and chicken rice. I notice the chicken rice is a hit with most of the patrons here too. I would definitely come back to this coffeee shop and try it the next time. If you have additional space in your stomach, do try the porridge. I had with everything in ie fish, chicken etc. Definitely a viable option for those who wants something light and less oily.

This coffee shop can be quite crowded during peak hours. I suggest the best time to come here would be before 11 am. The cafe closes on Monday.

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