Monday, June 9, 2008

Wantan mee at Swee Kong Coffee Shop (Pulau Tikus)

If I am ever around the Pulau Tikus area, I would normally stop by at Swee Kong coffee shop for chow. Its located at the junction of Solek Moulmein and just opposite the police station. You cant miss it!

Swee Kong coffee shop is famous for a couple of hawker stalls; primarily the hokkien mee or prawn mee , apong balik (pancakes) , the wantan mee, mee goreng and economy rice. This coffee shop serves one of the best hokkien mee in town. On normal days, they usually pack up before 10am. Do go early if you do not want to be dissapointed. Both the hokkien mee and apong balik stalls only serve till 10 am while the rest of the other stalls continue to operate till late afternoon. Swee Kong normally closes every Thursday so take note.
I was there last week just before lunch time. Here you can see some retirees enjoying their wantan noodles and teh peng. Its quite a hang out for retirees since they usually stop over at this coffee shop after performing their daily marketing activities at the Pulau Tikus market.

I would certainly recommend the wantan mee since it's quite unique. Unlike most wantan mee, it is served together with thick lor or egg gravy which gives it a unique taste. It complements well with the rest of the other ingredients. Additionally, the wantans are somewhat different. Though its slightly hard but the fillings are a lot more tastier than other wantans I tasted. It reminds me of how my mother used to make her wantans. When I have the wantan mee in this coffee shop, I normally have it with extra wantans!

The mee goreng is another stall that you need to try. This chap likes to fry his mee goreng "fast and furious" and exceptionally loud. You can hear the clanking of the spatula on the wok each time he is in action. Its probably his marketing signature to get people to try out his mee goreng. It gets into your nerve after a while but if you want great mee goreng, you probably have to suck in all the frustration. I must say its worth it though.
Anyway he is one hell of an intense guy I've ever seen. On a good day, he fries a plate in 3 minutes or less. Nonetheless, he doesnt compromise on the quality of his food. It tasted a lot better than most mee goreng stalls I had. The mee goreng is just perfect to my liking; not too wet or too dry and well flavoured.

Sometimes I do come here for the economy rice. While the selection is limited, its tasty and reasonble. Do try the fish curry.

And yes.....I cant live without my locally brewed tea......

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