Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday Street Market At Upper Penang Road

I came across the Sunday street market at Upper Penang Road by chance recently and it was certainly an eye least for me. Little did I know that there is actually a street market in our own backyard. Since its inception back in July 2006, the market has grown from strength to strength and is no surprise that the Upper Penang Road is transformed into a potpurri of activities every last Sunday of the month. Come that Sunday and you will find yourself immerse in a cultural and food extravaganza showcasing Penang's culture, creativity and last but not least, our passion for food.

The Upper Penang Road street market consists of several themes. There are sections for arts and craft, a gallery for displaying the works of emerging local artists, book reading area for budding writers to meet and exchange insights as well as showcase their talents, an exhibition area for the use of local NGOs, schools and institutes to highlight their work, a community works tent which promotes community based craft, an eco-friendly area that promotes eco-friendly products and finally, an area called the Space to showcase Penang's performing arts.

Being a ardent foodie, what really caught my attention was the section for food. It encompasses a wide selection ranging from healthy living like homemade bread to pastries, pies, cakes, local delights and finally desserts. The signage below caught my attention but I didn't manage to catch any glimpse of the elusive one. I take it that it big since it cost RM 9.

Some Hokkien dishes.

Freshly bake bread and pastries. Hmm. I wonder if they taste as good as those with preservatives.

Cinnamon bread..this I like. Cream caramel. like this too.

Wow. I was standing at this spot for a while and I notice this lady bought a lot of stuff from this stall. The next time I came here again I probably need to check out her stall.

Some local desserts and delights. I'm afraid looks like no takers.

The wood craft section which showcases locally made handicraft made from wood. Check out the wooden toast tong on the left.

A remarkable collection of old postcards.

The Space. I managed to catch the performing arts team in action to celebrate Penang's recognition by Unesco as a world heritage site.

The crowd started to pick up only after 11 am.

If you would like to know more about the activities each month for Upper Penang Road, do visit Little Penang Street Market. Alternatively, you may call 016-4883632 or email for more information. The opening time is 10 am to 5 pm every last Sunday on the month.


ck lam said...

There is also a stall run by Theresa, the owner of Edelweiss Cafe (the place we had our food gathering last year). Check out her stall as there are plenty of delicious cakes.

allenooi said...

i went to the street market once. there are lots of stuff to see. penangites should go there and support at least once.

gill gill said...

Hi there, my blog has changed to self hosted and new blog name is :)

thenomadGourmand said...

Yeah..i heard its very happening kinda plc

Cheryl Wee said...

hey thanks for the sharing! Never knew there's street market there on Sun, coz I always go there at night :P

will definitely pop by there on Sun to check it out

laukl said...

hi there! I'm a new blogger. Thks for discovering and sharing this place. I must make a trip there this coming Sunday.

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Big Boys Oven said...

wow looks fun, lots of goodies, must visit on my next trip~

My Taste Heaven said...

I should go there in the morning. I have been there twice but in the afternoon so not much to see.

gill gill said...

Hey, hasn't hear from you quit sometimes...not blogging anymore?

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Extreme Power said...

Nice one for the environment.

penang pete said...

Always looking for new places of interest - thanks for the heads up!

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